"We love you, Morgan:" Dozens gather to remember Milwaukee woman brutally killed

NOW: “We love you, Morgan:“ Dozens gather to remember Milwaukee woman brutally killed

Warning: Some details in this story are graphic. 

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Dozens gathered on Friday to honor a Milwaukee woman that was brutally killed. They say they want to remember her for how she lived, not how she died.

Many stood with ribbons and balloons near N 22nd Street and W Townsend Street, which is the scene of her death, to change their memories of Morgan Huennekens death to memories of love. The crowd released balloons while chanting, "We love you, Morgan."

"I just want people to remember how wonderful she was and all the bright things and good things she did and how much more she could have done," one friend said.

Friends said the 19-year-old donated her time to help feed the homeless, help victims of sexual trafficking and brought clean water to Flint, Michigan.

"My baby was loved, look, it's a beautiful turnout, everyone loved her. He 'aint have to kill her period,” another said.

John Gillum, 29, has been charged with First Degree Intentional Homicide and Second Degree Sexual Assault. According to the criminal complaint, Gillum walked into the police station on March 4 and said that he was turning himself in for a homicide after he had killed what he calls a prostitute at his home. Gillum told police that after having sexual intercourse with the victim, he took a knife and stabbed her multiple times and hit her with a metal pipe.

"One night does not define her," a friend said. "It doesn't say who Morgan is because of the one issue she was involved in that cost her life. I just want people to know, she was a loving wonderful person."

Morgan's mother has set up a fundraising page. Some of the money will go toward funeral costs, but most will go to the foundation Morgan started that helps people in need in southeastern Wisconsin. You can donate here. 

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