Double Kidney-Liver Transplant Patient Visits St Luke's After Recovering

Some staffers said it’s the best part of working in a Hospital seeing patients who return in good health.

Dr. Sahajpal, from Aurora St. Luke’s, is one of the premier transplant surgeons in the nation and recently pioneered a new technique for double kidney-liver transplants that saves patients on recovery time and extra surgeries.

Monday morning, one of the first patients to benefit from the technique a man from Green Bay returned with his family to the hospital to thank the team that saved his life.

“I was released from the hospital with everybody's blessing 11 days later on December 23rd so I was home for Christmas with these guys which was awesome,” said David Lee, Transplant Patient.

The technique involves sewing a kidney and liver together then transplanting them both into a patient all at once  turning what would have been two separate surgeries with two separate incisions into one.

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