Dontre Hamilton's family finds out which officer shot him at Red Arrow Park

MILWAUKEE--  The attorney representing the family of Dontre Hamilton, a man killed in an officer involved shooting at Red Arrow Park, says The Hamiltons have learned the name of the officer who opened fire.

After several public demonstrations in Downtown Milwaukee, community organizers say they're taking steps toward justice in the Dontre Hamilton case.

\"We have to continue being a presence so they know that we are here, we are citizens, we are demanding justice, and we will not stop, until we get justice,\" said Curtis Sails, with the Coalition for Justice.

Hamilton was shot 14 times by a Milwaukee Police officer during a confrontation at Red Arrow Park in May.  Community organizers who led demonstrators from Red Arrow Park to City Hall say Mayor Tom Barrett redacting falsehoods about Dontre being homeless and his criminal record was progress.

\"That was basically a character assassination of who he was and portrayed him inaccurately through the media,\" said Sails.

During the Hamilton family's meeting with Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn-- they found out why the community isn't getting answers.

\"There is no law and there is no direct policy that determines an officer or the chief being able to release the names or the details of an investigation,\" said Khalil Coleman, also part of the Coalition for Justice.

The Hamilton family's attorney says family members know the name of the officer who killed Dontre, but they want that information to be public.

\"The policies and practices that have been going on lately do not meet the needs of the community, and we would like more answers,\" said Coleman.

The Coalition for Justice says alongside The Hamiltons, they're taking their concerns to the Fire and Police Commission at the monthly meeting Thursday.

\"We've gotten closer and closer to the answers we deserve as a community,\" said Sails, \"and Dontre Hamilton's family has gotten the answers they deserve as a family.\"


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