Dontre Hamilton rally at Red Arrow Park

Milwaukee County - The last day of September marks exactly five months since 31-year-old Dontre Hamilton died at Red Arrow Park.

The family and supporters of Dontre Hamilton gathered at Red Arrow Park Tuesday evening.

Protestors carried a mock casket for Dontre Hamilton, and marched through the streets.

A Milwaukee Police Officer shot Hamilton fourteen times on April 30th during a scuffle for the officer's baton.

So far, the Police Department and District Attorney's office have released very little information on the incident.

It's also not known if the police officer involved, whose name has not been made public, will face any charges or lose his job.

\"They should be doing things in order and faster to let us know what's going on.\" Said, Nate Hamilton. Dontre Hamilton's brother.

Law enforcement officers stopped by the rally Tuesday evening  to help organize any planned marches.

\"We are here to facilitate demonstrators and protests. That's what the police should do.\" Said, Deputy Inspector Stephen Basting.

Last Wednesday, protesters including Dontre Hamilton's brother, Nate Hamilton blocked off traffic.

Police say they will not tolerate protestors blocking traffic.


At a last resort, we would make arrests.\" Said, Basting.


\"Our intention wasn't to block traffic. Our intention was to march Dontre through the City. He had a right to be in this park. He had a right to be in this City.\" Said, Nate Hamilton.

Tuesday night's protest and march ended on a peaceful note.

Milwaukee Police helped demonstrators though traffic.

No one was arrested.

The initial investigation of the incident was done by the Wisconsin Department of Justice.

The final report was sent to the Milwaukee District attorney's office weeks ago.

At this time, the District Attorney's office has not announced a decision if charges will be filed against the police officer who killed Hamilton.



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