Don't know about you, but I'm writing off this weather day!!

Milwaukee (CBS 58)--If any kind of weather day builds character, it's a day like this one!  Wind-whipped rain hitting your face.  Leaves blown everywhere.  Some tree limbs down.  The day totally lived up to this forecast.  We had wind gusts more than 40 mph all day long.  The gusts were even higher just offshore.  Rainfall amounts were between a half an inch and an inch. 

We're in between storm systems on Monday.  For the most part.  We will start to see showers reappear on the radar Monday evening, mainly right after dinner.  They'll last through Tuesday morning and into the afternoon of Election Day.  The good news is the wind shouldn't be as gusty and the rain won't be as heavy. 

Another system will clip our area later Thursday, bringing with it the risk for a wintry mix into Friday morning.  And then there's another disturbance later Saturday into Veterans Day Sunday.  This also could bring us some wintry mix.

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