Don't give up on summertime weather just yet

NOW: Don’t give up on summertime weather just yet

Milwaukee (CBS 58)--Fall technically starts in a little more than two weeks at 2:50 am on Monday, September 23rd.  But we have some summertime temps to get through this coming week.  In fact, 80s are on the horizon both Tuesday and Wednesday this coming week.  The humidity will make it feel that much warmer.  

In the meantime, it'll be a fall feel on Sunday with highs only in the 60s and scattered showers quite possible.  It shouldn't be an all day washout though.

With the buildup of heat and humidity, the chance for storms will build as well, especially on Wednesday and Thursday.  We'll also be dealing with a few different frontal systems.  But if all goes according to plan, the weather should get better by next weekend as the temperatures drop off and we get much drier.

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