Dog Makes Full Recovery After Being Strapped With Fireworks, Set Ablaze

North Hollywood (KTLA) -- A dog who was badly burned and left to die on a street in North Hollywood back in July is now \"fully recovered\" after a series of surgeries and skin grafts, according to staff members at the Westlake Village Animal Hospital.


The 3-year-old American Staffordshire terrier was found abandoned on July 5. The dog, nicknamed \"Indy,\" was suffering from severe burns to his stomach, legs and paws.


\"There were fireworks strapped to him and they lit them on fire,\" said Dr. Daniel Slaton, of the Westlake Village Animal Hospital.


\"That's the burn mark patterns through the back of the legs,\" Slaton said. \"As he was walking, it was burning the back of his feet.\"


Slaton has treated many animals with July 4 injuries, but never this extreme, he said.


Shelter volunteer Allison Polumbus described the attack as deliberate, vicious and cruel. \"It's really hard to see an animal in this kind of pain,\" Polumbus said.


\"We saw him without the bandages. It's horrific, it's gory, and you can't even imagine the pain he's in,\" Polumbus said.


The person responsible for the attack on Indy has never been caught despite a $50,000 reward.


Surveillance video showed the man suspected in the attack driving a white Toyota pickup with dark stripes on the side, a sunroof and a small extra-cab.


It also appeared to have a toolbox in the truck bed.


A fund was set up to help cover Indy's medical costs. If you want to contribute, contribute, go to 

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