Does Milwaukee Keep an Eye on Vacant Homes?

After two fires in three days at abandoned homes, CBS 58 wanted to find out what the city does to keep an eye on those vacant properties and prevent situations like this.

A representative from the city  did confirm to us that the house that caught fire today was city property.

We don't know at this time if there was anyone inside at the time of the fire, or if it was intentionally set.

The fire chief did tell us that at this time they're not sure if there was any accelerant inside the home.

The fire investigation team is working with the police to determine the cause or any potential criminal activity.

The owner of the house next door, which was heavily damaged, says he's tried asking the city for help with the abandoned property to his.

We reached out to the committee on redevelopment of abandoned and foreclosed homes for a comment on this,

We are waiting to hear back. 

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