Dodge County DA calls Kriscilla McHenry "highly manipulative" during sentencing

Kriscilla K. McHenry, 31, Milwaukee was sentenced today in Dodge County Circuit Court to 20 years in prison, 20 years of extended supervision and ordered to pay $14,549 in restitution following her conviction of Second Degree Intentional Homicide in July.

McHenry was convicted of stabbing Michael J. Soeller 38 times in his motel room in Randolph, Wisconsin in August, 2014.  Soeller was pronounced dead at the scene.
During sentencing, Dodge County DA Kurt F. Klomberg characterized McHenry as “highly manipulative, dishonest, lacking of remorse and of generally poor character. The defendant took a man’s life – she deserves to lose a long portion of hers.”

Klomberg said after the sentencing, “I am satisfied with the sentence as I believe it recognizes the life the defendant took, protects the public and provides the justice the victim’s family sought.  This victim’s family is tight knit and each member is hard working, loving and honest.  They are the very best our community have to offer and I am humbled to have served them through this tragedy.

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