Doctors encourage parents to vaccinate their children

Tourists and employees at Disneyland are concerned about the growing measles outbreak linked to the theme park.

The California Health Department says 49 of the 66 confirmed cases in the U.S. have been traced back to the resort. Five of those infected are Disney employees. Health officials are now warning unvaccinated people and children too young for shots, to avoid visiting the theme park for now.

Local health officials encourage parents to get their children the MMR shot.

\"As a pediatrician, not only do I recommend it and feel that it is safe, I have given it to my own children,\" said Dr. Barb Calkins with Westbrook Pediatrics.

Controversy has surrounded the vaccine over the last few years with some claiming the vaccine is linked to autism. However, the Center for Disease Controls has publicly said the vaccine is safe.

The MMR vaccine is given twice to a child, once at 1-year-old, then again between 4 and 6-years-old.

\"If you have had the two vaccines or you have had measles in the past then you are considered protected,\" said Dr. Angela Tonozzi with Aurora Healthcare.

For those who don't have their health records, there's a solution.

\"There's lab test you can get to see if you are immune to the measles. That is something you can talk to your healthcare provider about,\" said Tonozzi.

You can also look up your records with the help of the Wisconsin Health Department. The website is

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