Doctor says Geyser is competent, attorney wants to review findings

A mental health expert evaluated Morgan Geyser and says she's capable of proceeding in the court process. The judge says that means she's competent to move forward. However her attorney isn't sure about that.

Geyser was in court wearing jeans, Halloween socks, and a green zip-up coat with cats on it Wednesday. Much different from previous court appearances. She still had chains on her wrists.

Though the judge says the mental health report came down November 7, Anthony Cotton, Geyser's attorney, says he hasn't had a chance to review the report. He says he needs time to review the report and go over it with Geyser.

\"Different doctors are doing different evaluations,\" Cotton said after the hearing.  \"We've got to talk to Morgan and see how we are going to address this.\"

Geyser will be back in court next Tuesday, November 18 at 3 pm for a hearing.

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