DNR asks public to report black bear den locations

Madison (CBS 58) -- The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources is asking the public to report any black bear dens they find across the state to support a new study

The study, conducted by the DNR's Office of Applied Science, will analyze dens and estimate the rate of reproduction in black bear populations within the state's management zones. 

Public reporting of bear dens will increase the study's success and accuracy as the bears' dens are often difficult to locate. The DNR is encouraging the public to report as much information about den locations and recent use without approaching the dens. Dens from previous years can be useful since black bears will occasionally re-use them. 

The DNR will begin research at the end of February and continue until collaring goals are met. Research staff will collar female black bears and collect data at each den, such as the weight, body measurements and sex of the sow and cubs.

Anyone with information about a black bear den can report it here.

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