District Attorney: Suspect Strangled Olivia Mackay

District Attorney: Suspect Strangled Olivia Mackay

The details of the teen's final moments are gruesome, and the reason the state wants to make sure the suspect remains behind bars.

“He had been in contact with her on social media in the minutes that we are last able to account for her," says Kenosha County District Attorney Mike Graveley.

The 19-year-old suspect arrested in connection with 17 year old Olivia Mackay’s death showed no emotion as district attorney Mike Graveley presented evidence against him in court today.

The teen was in court on another charge.

Graveley went into the details of the murder investigation. He says the 19-year-old and another 17-year-old suspect met up with Mackay and strangled her at a Kenosha beach.

"Strangled and killed the young girl that we are speaking of. Assisted in placing the body of that young girl in her own vehicle in the trunk and was certainly part of that young girl being moved from Kenosha to Racine county."

The state also says the suspect drove the victim’s car around town for days after the crime.

To make sure he doesn’t leave town, the judge set his bond at 20 thousand dollars.

"He is the primary suspect in a murder so from the state's perspective he has a tremendous reason that he would he would flee the jurisdiction of he was released," says Graveley.

The District Attorney's office expects to bring formal murder charges against both teens some time early next week.

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