District Attorney meets with Jay Anderson's Family Rules City of Wauwatosa could Release Squad Video

Milwaukee’s County District Attorney met with the family of Jay Anderson, Jr. on Thursday and shared the evidence collected by the Milwaukee Police Department.

According to the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s Office, it received the final investigative report from the Milwaukee Police Department regarding the death of Jay Anderson, Jr. 

Milwaukee Police Department conducted an independent investigation of this death involving the Wauwatosa Police Department. 

Previously, officials tell CBS 58 that a police officer at Madison Park observed a man in a suspicious vehicle with what looked like a gun. Fearing for his safety, the officer fired his weapon striking the individual.

The fatal shooting occurred on June 23.

Anderson's fiancé, Starkeisha Delarosa, said at a vigil the day after the shooting, "He [Anderson] had a lot going on he wasn't harming nobody. He just sat in the car and as he was clear in his mind he goes off. He didn't do nothing wrong, he didn't do nothing, nobody called think you got your playing loud music. He wasn't doing nothing he was just sitting in the car."

Upon receiving this report, District Attorney John Chisholm and Chief Deputy District Attorney Kent Lovern met with members of the family of Jay Anderson, Jr., and their legal representatives and shared with them all the evidence collected by the Milwaukee Police Department, including recordings of officer dispatches before and after the critical incident, video of the incident itself, and reports by the Milwaukee County Medical Examiner and the Wisconsin State Crime Laboratory. 

The City of Wauwatosa has the authority to consider the release of this evidence to the public. 

There have been requests for the release of the squad video from this incident.  The District Attorney’s Office has determined that the release of any audio and video record would not hamper its continued review of this incident. 

The District Attorney’s Office will review this case thoroughly, conduct any additional investigation as needed, and consult with the Anderson family before announcing a final determination of this matter.


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