Disabled Veteran Dies in Condo Fire in Greenfield

The man that died in the condo fire on Wednesday was a veteran and he was seeing a doctor at the Milwaukee VA Medical Center.

Tom D’Acquisto died in the condo fire in Greenfield located in the 3900 block of S. 84th Street.

The exact cause of the fatal fire is still undetermined.

His family told the medical examiner he was a disabled veteran.

According to the medical examiner, police had contact with him the morning of the fire.

D’Acquisto had called 911.

When police arrived, the man demanded to speak to Sheriff Clarke.

He allegedly told police he wanted to speak to Sheriff David Clarke about suing the VA Medical Center regarding his care.

According the medical report, the officers spoke to him for about 10 minutes. He was short with them and they admonished him on using 911.

The officers told the medical examiner they did not feel he was a danger to himself.

On December 28, Greenfield Officers had placed him an emergency detention. On that day the  man allegedly told police he was at the end of his rope and needed to speak with Sheriff David Clarke.

He told police on December 28 that Sheriff David Clarke “had the brains to help him.”

No suicide note was found at the home. 

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