Did you hang onto your Beanie Babies? There are 20 that could make you rich

Beanie babies on a store shelf. Beanie Baby beanbag toy AP VIA CBS NEWS

Remember Beanie Babies? If you grew up in the 90's, chances are that you at least had a few of them.

For the longest time, rumors were afloat that these Beanie Babies could be worth big bucks someday. Remember your parents telling you not to rip off the tag?

Cosmopolitan Magazine has now released a list of 20 Beanie Babies that could make you rich.

The list includes Beanie Babies such as Valentino, Claude the Crab, and Patti the Platypus. For some, however, there are specific requirements that add to their value.

According to Cosmopolitan, "Large" Wallace and his Squad are even going for $680,000 on Ebay.

For more information or to see the full list, click here

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