Did ya know? Your Wisc-ahhn-sin accent could win you $500

(MILWAUKEE)-- Let's face it, we have a unique way of talking here in Wisconsin.  But instead of getting picked on, you can use your accent to make a little spending money.  

The website talkinwisco.com is asking for people to post short videos posted on social media, and then judges will pick the best (or worst) Wisconsin accent.  Winner takes home $500. 

The contest is the brainchild of Pilch & Barnet, a PR firm that represents tourism groups across Wisconsin.  Contestants must pick from a list of ten sentences to read form and show off their Wisconsin accent, each one highlighting a tourist attraction in the state.  Pilch & Barnet hope this contest generates a little internet buzz, and brings in a few out-of-state dollars.  

CBS 58's Bill Walsh has more on the contest, and some of the early video submissions you'll have to beat to win that cash.   

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