Despite Challenges, Brewers Promise Exciting Season At Miller Park

In the midst of what many are calling a "rebuilding" year, the Milwaukee Brewers front office says there are plenty of reasons to visit the ballpark this season.

"Miller Park is still Miller Park. It's a great place to see a game," said Rick Schlesinger, Chief Operating Officer of the Milwaukee Brewers. "The beer is cold, the hot dogs are hot."

"The reality is, we're seeing some young kids that are gonna be the future of a great Brewers team," Schlesinger said. "We've got some young players who are going to make some rookie mistakes but are also going to make some great plays."

"Obviously we have a lot of new players on the team, but as for fans who are looking for things to do at Miller Park, we've got a expanded retail store, we've got the US Cellular Power Playground, we've got the ice cream truck, which is going to be giving out free treats, and a lot of new food items," said Rick Schlesinger.

"We're excited to play baseball," he said. "I think our fans are ready for the next generation."

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