Democrats join Republicans in call for Rep. Kramer's resignation

MADISON -- Assembly Democratic leadership is asking directly asking Representative Bill Kramer to step down from his 97th Assembly District seat, and say Republican leadership needs to do more.

In a letter sent to Kramer late Monday afternoon, Democrats say they want him to resign immediately and are deeply troubled by three recent sexual assault allegations.

They go on to say Kramer has lost the respect of his colleagues.

Republican Assembly Speaker Robin Vos is publically asking Kramer to resign from his seat, along with Governor Scott Walker.

Kramer is due in court next Monday facing two felony sexual assault charges from an April 2011 incident.

We spoke to representative Kramer’s lawyer, James Gatzke, and in a statement he says;  “Democrats who are calling for Kramer to be removed before he has even had an opportunity to enter a plea or go through the process of a preliminary hearing are as ignorant of Bill's [Kramer] Constitutional rights as the Republican's who did the same thing last week.\"

Kramer is first due in court next Monday.

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