Defying the odds: Double amputee student joins Indian Trail football team

Defying the odds: Double amputee student joins Indian Trail football team

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) – A Kenosha teen had both of his legs amputated from the knee down when he was just a child, but he’s not letting that stop him from pursuing his dream of playing football.

Lucas Jundt, a 15-year-old student, is playing for the Indian Trail Junior Varsity football team. He was born in China without the fibula bones in his legs. After he was adopted and brought to the United States, doctors amputated both of his legs from the knee down.

“It’s really not a disability, it’s a gift,” Jundt said.

The strong-willed teenager pushes himself to tackle any challenge he puts in front of himself. Jundt has previously competed in track, and now he’s excited to be playing football for his first season.  

“I decided I’m not going to let it pull me down anymore,” Jundt said. “I’m going to let it lift me up.”

Jundt found inspiration from Seattle Seahawks Linebacker Shaquem Griffen. He is the only one-handed player in the NFL.  

“Just watching him I thought if he can do that, then why can’t I?” Jundt said.

Now, the student is inspiring everyone in his path.

“People who are missing arms or legs, that doesn’t mean they can’t play in the NFL or go somewhere high,” Jundt said. “If you have a mindset to go somewhere, you’re going to achieve it.”

His coach says his teammates are moved by his hard work and dedication.

“To come out here every day and have the motivation to get after it, to put forth all the effort that he does, yeah, it definitely is inspiring,” said Head Coach Paul Hoffman.

Jundt has been facing challenges all his life. His biological parents left him in the streets of China as an infant, before a police officer found him and brought him to an orphanage. Jundt says if he doesn’t join the NFL, he wants to become a police officer to give back like the person who saved him.

“He took me to the orphanage and gave me a second chance,” Jundt said.

Against all the odds, Jundt never gives up and pushes himself to achieve his goals. 

“To any of those people that look down on themselves, look up,” Jundt said. “Have hope in your heart.”

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