Decision on KR expansion project delayed after residents speak up

NOW: Decision on KR expansion project delayed after residents speak up

KENOSHA COUNTY (CBS 58) – Kenosha County Department of Public Works Committee voted to delay a decision on the controversial Highway KR expansion.

It came after more than an hour of comments from residents at the recent committee meeting.

The project would expand County Highway KR between Kenosha and Racine counties.

The expansion would take big chunks of private land, and even knock down some homes.

“I think it’s being rushed,” said Penny Johansen.

She is one of several homeowners who would lose land if the expansion goes through.

“I’m losing over an acre and a half of my property on two sides,” said Johansen, “it’s going to be a major intersection in the middle of farmland essentially.”

“There are a lot of other people down the road from me that are losing 100 feet of their front yard and there are other people that will be looking at a brick wall,” said Johansen.

The DOT says they need the expansion to make room for growing industry in the area, including a familiar name.

“This is all being done for Foxconn,” said Johansen.

Foxconn was mentioned by almost all the residents, who say even an expansion as big as that project shouldn’t take priority over residents who have lived there for decades.

“For our County Board and our state not to stick up for us and say, ‘Hey, you need to re-evaluate this you need to slow this down,’ they’re not doing what they’re supposed to do and we need to put the brakes on this a little bit,” said Johansen.

One member of the committee said he sympathizes with the residents.

Public Works is delaying a decision on moving forward until at least April 11th.

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