Deadly Memorial Day in Milwaukee sees 4 separate homicides

NOW: Deadly Memorial Day in Milwaukee sees 4 separate homicides

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Milwaukee is recovering from a violent Memorial Day. There were four separate homicides throughout the city on Monday, May 31. 

This comes as Milwaukee leaders are pushing prevention programs. 

Memorial Day is the unofficial start to summer and summer can often mean more violent crime. 

Local leaders hope the anti-violence programs can turn the recent spike in crime around before it gets worse. 

Community activist Steven Reece says the Johnsons Park memorial for a 29-year-old gunshot victim is a stark reminder of the violence over the holiday. 

"That could have been me. Easily," said Reece. "I could have been there at the wrong time, and that could have been me." 

Milwaukee County Executive David Crowley says the community needs to be more proactive in reducing youth violence as we approach this summer, which tends to be the time period with the most crime. 

"We’ve just got to get a handle on things. Really stepping up as elected leaders, as community organizations do the same. But we also have to do the same as neighbors as well, making sure we’re talking to our loved ones and our young people out there," Crowley said. 

One program Crowley thinks can help is the recently launched Credible Messengers -- a program where adults with similar life experiences mentor troubled teens in the community.

“No one cares what you know until they know how much you care. We think we can make our young people know we care through our credible messenger program," said Crowley. 

City leaders held a news conference before the Memorial Day weekend about anti-violence measures. There are several organizations at both the city and county level as part of this effort. 

Reece said it comes down to community members. He stated, "When are the kids going to say enough is enough? When are the parents going to say do you know where your kids are at? Do you know exactly where your kids are at?"

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