Day 2 of Slender Man Preliminary Hearing

One-by-one pictures of mutilated barbie dolls and disturbing drawings popped up on a Waukesha County Courtroom screen. Tuesday's evidence showed a large amount of disturbing things found in Morgan Geyser's room.

\"Exhibit T-6, that's another barbie doll with red and black slash marks on the arms and face, and a Slender Man symbol on the stomach,\"
said Private Investigator David Janisch.

Waukesha detectives never searched Morgan Geyser's room. The evidence in her room was found by a private investigator hired by Geyser's attorney. Janisch found a tupperware container filled with Slender Man drawings.

\"I was there with my investigator and uncovering these boxes and it was a very disturbing thing to behold,\" said Anthony Cotton. Cotton is Morgan Geyser's attorney.

Tuesday was the defense's chance to bring their witnesses on the stand. Doctor Deborah Collins interviewed Morgan several times after the stabbing.
\"When you ask Morgan what if Slender Man doesn't exist, she can't tolerate that,\" said Collins.

Collins told the court Morgan believed book characters were real, like Voldemort.
\"Yes, but she would say it's not really a Harry Potter character, it's a real person. She said he was he was her best friend,\" said Collins.

Cotton said Morgan's belief in the fictional character Slender man is why she and Anissa Weier plotted to kill one of their friends.

They stabbed her 19 times and were planning to run away and live with Slender Man.

\"She has to get to the Nicole Forest and they were going to walk there. If she made it there he was going to house them in his mansion
and then she wouldn't have her family killed,\" said Cotton.

A judge said he needs time to review the evidence before deciding if this should go to trial.

\"I think there is nothing that prevents the prosecution from charging a attempted 2nd degree. I think the facts in this case are more aligned with 2nd degree murder then 1st degree intentional homicide, and that's because she believed in Slender man. She believed he was real and he was going to harm the family,\" said Cotton.

A judge will make his decision on March 13th. If the charge is changed from 1st degree attempted intentional homicide to 2nd degree it could mean that this is brought down to children's court.

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