Customers fill stores for last-minute holiday shopping

NOW: Customers fill stores for last-minute holiday shopping

MILWAUKEE COUNTY (CBS 58) -- This Christmas Eve, last minute shoppers are packing stores.

"I'm trying to find my daughter’s surprise from Santa and I'm kinda late as usual," said Nori Carter, a shopper.

Since last Friday, Kohl's has been open around the clock to accommodate last-minute holiday shoppers. The Huebner family walked into the West Allis location with a goal in mind. "Need to pick up some Christmas clothes, a Christmas dress here for their Christmas service tonight."

Others looked for a special gift to buy.

"I'm having a problem finding something different, something odd. Something out of the ordinary," said George Kornuth.

Meanwhile, some shoppers waited to find good deals. "Coats, I'm trying to get nephews, daughter, anyone, the kids, all coats, so that's what I'm on a hunt for," added Carter.

These procrastinators aren't alone. According to the National Retail Federation (NRF), 56-percent of shoppers will buy their last gift in the week leading up to Dec. 25.

But customers admit, Christmas is about more than presents.

"Time with your family is special, and for a lot of people, for us included, it’s spending time thinking about the greatest gift of all, what God has given us."

According to the NRF, the shopping doesn't end on Christmas. People will continue shopping over the next week to get post-holiday deals, and use their gift-cards.

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