Cudahy parents looking for owner of dog who allegedly bit son on way to school

NOW: Cudahy parents looking for owner of dog who allegedly bit son on way to school

CUDAHY (CBS 58) -- The parents of a 15-year-old Cudahy boy are looking for the owner of a dog who allegedly bit him on the way to school Wednesday morning. 

They'd like more information about the dog to know if he needs to proceed with rabies shots. 

"I actually got a phone call at work from the principal," said Lisa Reed, the boy's mother. 

Reed was at work when she got the call that a dog allegedly bit her son on his way to school. 

"I left work and came and got him and took him to the E.R. to make sure he was up to date on his tetanus, and he had to get the rabies shot," said Reed. 

He had to get the shot, because they say the owner did not give them any information about the dog. 

"All they said was, 'Are you alright?' and I said, 'I don't know' and all they said is 'Okay' and then they just continued walking," said Reed's son about the dog bite. 

"My first concern is: What dog bit you?" said Patrick O'Neill is an attorney who has handled dog bite cases. 

"As a dog owner, and just as a person, that you don't have your dog bite a kid, see it happen and then walk away without giving your information. You certainly want to give them your information, where they could contact you and also the fact that your dog has shots," said O'Neill. 

That's all Lisa Reed is looking for, so her son doesn't need to continue with rabies shots. 

"Just hoping they'll come forward and give us information on their dog letting us know that they're up to date on their shots," she said. 

Reed's son said the dog is medium to large build dog. It was short and had brownish, gray fur. 

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