Crowds begin to gather at Veterans Park before fireworks show

NOW: Crowds begin to gather at Veterans Park before fireworks show

Veterans Memorial Park, along Milwaukee's lakefront, has been turning into a sea of people over the past few days. Hundreds of people camped out Sunday night and into Monday to save their spot to watch the US Bank Fireworks Show.

Michael Gill of West Milwaukee set up camp next to the water.

"I came down on Friday, put a couple of things up, moved a picnic table over here. And then Saturday night, put the pop tent up," Gill said. 

American flags surround his spot where his friends and family will be able to watch the fireworks. 

"We’ll have 30-40 people here. And sometimes it’s friends we only see once a year.  We hang out all day long and make a big day of it," said Gill.

Not far away, Dale Berry fired up the campfire to cook breakfast. He and his family set up camp early Sunday morning.

"We come here every year," Berry explained.

"Same spot gets bigger every year though," he said.

Sherry Abbott, originally from Milwaukee, drove from Minnesota to spend the day with her family and watch the fireworks show.

"We’ve been coming down here since the early 70’s. My dad started bringing us and we just kind of continued the family tradition all these years," Abbot said.

"We have four generations that will be up here so it’s a good time. We all get together because we all live quite a ways a way from each other so it’s a family tradition," she continued.

The US Bank Firework show is expected to begin around 9:25.

If you plan on attending, organizers recommend arriving early. Milwaukee Police and the Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office will shut down traffic on Lincoln Memorial Drive closer to show time. 

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