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Coyotes attack dogs, killing one at County Grounds Park

NOW: Coyotes attack dogs, killing one at County Grounds Park


MILWAUKEE COUNTY (CBS 58) -- A warning for dog owners after several people say their pets were attacked by coyotes at a Milwaukee County Park.

The two dog owners say they were walking through a path at County Grounds Park when a pack of coyotes attacked, killing one of their dogs and hurting another. Halo, the dog that was hurt, is now recovering. The dog has bite marks all over his backside and he now has a limp as well.

"They started to attack him from the rear and as soon as he would turn, they would attack him from the rear," said Christopher Geiger whose dog was attacked. "It could have gotten worse. They could have bitten his neck, instead of the behind. That's what they go for, they did with Harry."

Geiger says the other dog, Harry, was killed in the attack.

Halo wasn't on a leash during the attack. In Milwaukee County, dog owners must have their pets on a leash at most Milwaukee County Parks, including County Grounds. The DNR said the rule is in place to protect people and their pets. 

"If you have your dog on a leash, that gives you the opportunity to control your animal if a coyote is in the area," said Dianne Robinson with the DNR. "You can keep your animal nearby and get it out of the area." 

The DNR says if someone sees a coyote, the best thing to do is try and scare it away. The DNR says they are planning to work with the County to put up signs at parks to warn dog owners of coyotes. Robinson says coyotes and their pups are very territorial right now. 

"This time of year especially it's important to keep a close eye on your dogs with those coyotes being a little bit more protective,"  Robinson said. 

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Deb 149 days ago
The coyotes in that area have become very bold the past couple of years. They have absolutely no fear anymore of people. I've had them follow me and my dog at a distance less than 30 feet even with my dog on leash. Quit blaming the victims here. I've never had issues with any wildlife before. It's because of all the insane development going on in Tosa and the Zoo Interchange debacle. The critters are being squeezed out of their territories.
Wabanubu 150 days ago
What a very sad situation for the dogs and their owners. Having your dog on a leash would help as it wouldn't be able to run off and start a fight with the coyotes, but that exposes you to attack if the coyotes pick a fight with your dog. Carrying a defensive weapon, even if it's only pepper spray or a stun gun, is a much better solution. Not only would you be giving your dog a fighting chance, but you and your loved ones would also be better protected against human predators.

Getting a concealed carry license doesn't mean you have to carry a gun if you're not comfortable with that option. It enables you to choose from a variety of means to protect you and yours. You and you alone are responsible for your own safety, and the safety of your children and pets. How will you feel if you fail to accept that responsibility and tragedy results?
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