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County Supervisor looking for data on CCW holders

 Milwaukee County Supervisor Deanna Alexander is looking for information to prove that people who have concealed carry permits are not committing violent crimes in Milwaukee.

Last week Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn made a statement in which he said that there are career criminals carrying CCW permits in Milwaukee.

Supervisor Alexander said there many people that need a gun to protect themselves and that she's looking for statistics that prove that it's not law abiding citizens that are committing these crimes.

The Chief and Mayor Tom Barrett have both expressed interest in seeing this type of data as well, but can't because, by state law, it is not made public in order to protect the roughly 250,000 permit holders in Wisconsin.

Supervisor Alexander believes this data would prove the Chief and Mayor wrong.

However gun advocates, while they understand what the supervisor is trying to do, they disagree with way she's trying to do it.

They added there are good reasons for keeping CCW holders protected.

Supervisor Alexander is looking for a way to compile those statistics without treading on anyone's privacy or compiling a government list of people that carry.

She said she's started talking to people and looking for resources already available, like CCAP.

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