County Board Discusses Wheel Tax

The possibility of a significant wheel tax hike was up for discussion at the county budget meeting on Thursday.

The committee unanimously adopted two amendments made to the vehicle registration fee.

The approved amendments would ask the state legislature to provide the county with the flexibility to assess the vehicle registration fee based on the value or age of the vehicle instead of as a flat fee currently imposed.

It also requires the county government be made aware of any statutory changes affecting local governments to exercise a vehicle registration fee.

The county executive's office has proposed a 60 dollar fee to help keep transit afloat.

That could mean some Milwaukee County drivers would have to pay up to $155 every time they register or renew their plates.

County Executive Chris Abele told us that it will provide millions of dollars in resources.

While the amendments pass, county board members want the county to look at other options as well.

The recommended budget, has not yet officially been voted on.


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