Council votes to revoke towing company's license following complaints

NOW: Council votes to revoke towing company’s license following complaints

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- A Milwaukee towing company had its license revoked by the Common Council Tuesday morning after several complaints about the business. 

There have been numerous complaints lodged against Abyss Towing for shady operations. The complaint that aldermen focused on Tuesday was made by Matthew Clark. He says when he came upon the company towing his car, they offered him the opportunity to pay a $50 drop fee. 

An attorney for Abyss Towing says Clark was offered the "drop fee" but didn't have the proper identification. Clark says when he went to pick up his vehicle the company would only let him pay cash because it was outside business hours. 

Common Council members argued that there were several contradictions in the owner's story and Clark had more evidence to prove his case. 

"Is one honest mistake where it's admitted to and promise never to do it again and now I'll follow the law that probably wouldn't have risen to the level of revocation. That's not what we had here. We had a very contentious hearing where the integrity of the complaining witness was consistently impugned," said Ald. Nik Kovac - 3rd District. 

"The recommendation of the licensing committee is unduly harsh. There nothing that Abyss Towing has done that has affected the health, safety, and welfare of the citizens of this city. They have admitted that there are things they can do to this business to make it better," said Dan Sanders, Attorney for Abyss Towing. 

The council voted 15-0 to revoke Abyss Towing's license. CBS 58 tried to speak with the attorney representing Abyss Towing after the vote but he said he didn't have any comment. 

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