Cops Raid Home After Video Shows Gang Members Boast About Guns, Drugs

CHICAGO (CBS) — Harvey police said they made a major drug bust Wednesday after they were tipped off about a YouTube video showing a purported gang member bragging about drugs, guns, and dead dogs.

The 40-minute video shows several people showing off guns, drugs, wads of cash, and jewelry at the home of a man who police said was under house arrest at the time.

“Ain’t no BB guns,” one man said.

In the profanity-laced video, people boasted about their guns, and showed them off for the camera, their faces clearly visible. Others bragged about dog fighting, and some even identified themselves by their street names. Police said the video also depicts one person buying marijuana on camera.

Harvey police said they were alerted to the video, shot at 180 W. 158th St., and promptly obtained a search warrant based on the contents of the video.

Police raided the home at 4 a.m. Wednesday, and found a large amount of drugs and guns, and a dog that had been killed in a fight. Several gang members were arrested, and charges were pending Wednesday morning.

Harvey police said they would discuss details of the case at a Wednesday afternoon press conference.

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