Cooler and comfy air returns with low rain chances

NOW: Cooler and comfy air returns with low rain chances

After a rainy and very humid start to your work week on Monday the temperatures and dew points have dropped. Tuesday morning was the coldest on almost a month with almost everyone dropping into the 50s. High temperatures Tuesday will stay below-average with highs in the 70s. Wednesday will be our one humid and warm day the rest of the week with highs in the 80s before we cool back down into the 70s for the start of the week.

Just like the temps, the dew points will drop for Tuesday with peak dew points barely reaching 60. Wednesday will once again be sticky with dew points in the upper 60s then drop again for the rest of the work week. 

Rain will be a bit hard to come by the next 72 hours. Tuesday is expected to be completely dry. A front pushing through the state Wednesday evening through Thursday morning could pop a few isolated showers and storms but the chance right now is very low.

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