Cool Awakenings to Start The Week

It's the third week of August, and Labor Day is just two weeks away.  So you know it's only a matter of time we get a taste of fall weather.  In fact, we had a sample of it this morning.  Some overnight lows, especially in outlying areas, bottomed out in the mid 40s. Most of us dropped into the 50s.  You can thank cool Canadian high pressure for this.  

However, this particular air mass will be short lived.  

The humidity will start to climb as soon as tomorrow.  And then a cold front will move in from the Upper Midwest, giving us a better chance of showers and storms, especially Wednesday afternoon and evening.  We still need the rain.  In fact, our weekend showers and storms did little to erase the rainfall deficit.  At least for Milwaukee, it's more than eight inches.  It's hard to say, this far out, how much precipitation we'll get.  But it could easily be more than a half an inch in spots, depending where the storms set up and how long it rains. 

Make sure to download the free CBS58 weather app to keep track of the rain and storms approaching midweek.  We also will have another chance of storms on Sunday with a different storm system.  

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