Community gives mixed reaction after Chief Morales' demotion to Milwaukee Police captain

NOW: Community gives mixed reaction after Chief Morales’ demotion to Milwaukee Police captain

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- There is mixed reaction tonight at news of Morales’ demotion to captain.

Long after this is over there will be people standing on both sides of this decision.

Milwaukee Police Association President Dale Bormann, Jr. told CBS 58 he’s dumbfounded.

He believes this is just one of many changes to come from the Fire and Police Commission.

He said only time will tell if this is a true step forward, in the city and department, as the Commissioners may believe.

Bormann called the demotion a big step down, and said Morales will most likely work with his lawyers on what’s next.

“The crime, homicide numbers going up, I don’t think he’s at fault for that," Bormann, Jr. said. "I think there are other factors involved in it and I think he was in the process before the Coronavirus and the protesting of lowering the numbers in crime and I think if we were in a different world this never would have happened.”

Meanwhile, protestors celebrated the news outside City Hall Thursday night, April 6.

Activist Vaun Mayes said they want a chief who will hold their officers accountable.

Residents also want a chief who will listen to the people, especially those in black and brown community.

“This is really more about his decision making as chief," Mayes said. "This is really about cleaning up the department. This is about righting the wrongs that, we all know, should’ve been. How many years has it been since the DOJ draft report? That stuff is still unaddressed and he’s had enough time to do a lot of things.”

Both men did agree on their uncertainty about Asst. Chief Michael Brunson taking over.

Bormann hopes he supports police officers as Morales did.

While Mayes said Brunson comes from the same cloth.

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