Community comes together to send Bucks superfan to Game 6

NOW: Community comes together to send Bucks superfan to Game 6


MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- A Bucks superfan said the after-market ticket prices kept him from even thinking about going to Game 6, until his own personal miracle happened. 

History could potentially be made here in Milwaukee Tuesday night, and this superfan will be inside Fiserv Forum if it does.

If this guy looks familiar, you may recall his passion during the "Save Our Bucks" campaign when Herb Kohl sold the team.

"I call him BCP, stands for Brew City Paul. He's just, he's all Milwaukee," said fan Eddie Sauer.

Paul Henning's a lifelong Bucks fan. Through the years, he's racked up moments he'll never forget.

"When they weren't on many of our radar and he's talking about a Corey Maggette trade, we're like okay dude, just chill out, we're all about the Packers here," said Sauer.

That's why the win Saturday kept his buddy awake.

"It was a euphoric moment and I laid my weary head down to sleep and I popped up like the mom in Home Alone. I was like Paul!," said Sauer.

Eddie Sauer decided to take his goodwill mission to Gofundme. In just one day, they hit their goal.

"I think it's different than the Brewers. I think it's different than the Packers, especially during all the lean years when we were going to those games in the Bradley Center where there's just a few thousand people there," said Henning. 

Henning met with us outside Fiserv Forum with his new Giannis shirt. When he returns on Tuesday, he'll be wearing something special. 

"I do have one pair of socks that I haven't washed throughout the playoffs. So if anybody's sitting next to me I'm sorry, you're just gonna have to deal with that," he said.

As Game 6 closes in, Henning knows it's the opportunity of a lifetime, and he's laughing about how much he's going to be in debt to his childhood friend.

"Yeah, I'm gonna be cutting his grass for the rest of my life or something, I don't know.  But I've never had anybody do such a great, grand gesture," Henning said.

So many years of being a true Bucks fan, watching them win or lose.

"Personally, I'm gonna feel special and blessed to be there and happier than ever that the Bucks did it, because I've always believed that they could," Henning said.

The ticket cost about $2,800. Henning plans to donate any additional funds to Children's Wisconsin and the MACC Fund.

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