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Community Coalition for Quality Policing issues mandates to rebuild trust between public and police

Should citizens stopped by police require the officers to give them a receipt of the encounter?

It's one way a new coalition is setting out to ensure quality policing.

"That way you can mitigate any misinformation that may have occurred," explained Fred Royal of the NAACP. It is one of nearly two dozen organizations and advocates that are now joining forces at the Community Coalition for Quality Policing.

They're demanding transparency and accountability in public safety in Milwaukee.

They want to strengthen the Fire and Police Commission which oversees the heads of police and fire.

They are also requesting an independent audit of the Milwaukee Police Department. 

"Both Chief Flynn and Mayor Barrett know of this recommendation," said Pastor Steve Jerbi of All Peoples Church. "We are hopeful they will recognize that a proper audit is a foundational stone upon which Milwaukee can build greater trust."

The group is focusing on collaboration even though one of its member organizations, LULAC, starged recently protests the chief over wording in the police department's policy on how much cooperation local officers will give federal immigration agents.

One of the action items called for by the membership was for the Fire and Police Commission to change or amend the rule used by the MPD to change their SOP-130 regarding immigrants without the thorough review, approval and public comment before and by the Commission.

Darryl Morin of LULAC tells CBS 58 News that he has received written confirmation that the FPC is granting that request.

"We applaud this proactive step to ensure that the people's voice will always be heard."

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