Common council approves ban on plastic straws in Milwaukee

NOW: Common council approves ban on plastic straws in Milwaukee

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- The Milwaukee Common Council voted yes Tuesday, Nov. 26 on an ordinance that would ban bars and restaurants from using single-use plastic straws. However, it's not an outright ban. 

Under the ordinance, bars and restaurants could still give out plastic straws if a customer asked for one or needed one. 

All of the council voted yes on the ordinance except Milwaukee Alderman Bob Donovan. 

Alderman Cavalier Johnson said plastic straws are bad and they are having negative effects on the environment. 

“By design these plastic straws are meant to be used and thrown away after just one use, and too often they become litter and have a negative impact on our streets, waterways and other areas of our communities,” Alderman Johnson said.

One restaurant manager said he hates the ordinance, but another restaurant owner said he thinks it's a good idea. 

“I agree with them 100 percent. Anything for the environment, if they can help do our part. If we can support the environment. Doesn’t matter the city or anything. It’s nice to help them out. If everybody does their part, it helps," said Gus Osseini, Gus' Deli. 

The ordinance will go into effect on April 14, 2020. 

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