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UPDATE: Combination of road salt and high moisture causing fires at power poles in Milwaukee

Updated: 5:02 p.m. January 10, 2018

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- We Energies says that the pole fires have been caused by high humidity, fog and mist when the roads are covered in salt. According to the power company, that combination causes enough electricity to cause power poles to light on fire.

5,000 customers have been without power at times throughout the day. When cars kick up the road salt it mixes with the moisture and causes the fire.

We Energies says the fires aren't uncommon but the mostly see it during the spring thaw.

As of 5 p.m. 642 customers in Milwaukee County are without power.


Posted: 8:12 a.m. January 10, 2018

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) – Hundreds of people are without power in the Milwaukee area Wednesday morning, according to WE Energies.

Officials say the outages are due to a pole fire. Around 640 customers are impacted. WE Energies says it is working to get the power back on.

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