Coldest Morning Since Late March

Temperatures got quite chilly this morning! in fact, most spots fell below forecast data.

Take a look:

The weather set up was perfect for what is known as Radiational cooling. We finally broke from a cloudy stretch and with a light wind all the heat pooling up at the surface, can float back into the atmosphere. Morning lows fell to levels we haven't felt since late March!

The coldest April low was 34 degrees on the first of the month.

Now as we look ahead, things are getting brighter, but not exactly warmer... here's why.

We are in a blocking pattern where heat will be building to our west, but a sharp dive in the jet stream flows overhead and that's the dividing line between the warmth and cooler temps to the east. Although we're right on the cusp, our weather will favor cooler conditions. And while we will have a good deal of sun Friday through the weekend, it will be breezy! Some upcoming nights will still flirt with the 30s. You may want to hold off on planting yet for another week or so.

The good news is that eventually this pattern breaks down and we tap into some of the milder air. By early next week, temperatures are forecast to go back up into the 60s.

I'm meteorologist Rebecca Schuld

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