Cold, Snow, Cold, Snow. You get the picture.

NOW: Cold, Snow, Cold, Snow. You get the picture.

Milwaukee (CBS 58)--By now, you should probably know the weather pattern of late.  Cold then snow then more cold.  And in the middle, a brief warmup.  We had some mild weather on Thursday with highs in the 40s.  Now, it's back to winter reality.  Look for highs to struggle to get to 20 on Friday.  With the wind, it'll feel like subzero temps with wind chills at -5 to -10, especially earlier in the day.

Saturday is quiet and then Sunday we get some light snow during the day into the night.  It'll be a prolonged event.  Snowfall amounts will be between 1 and 3 inches generally speaking.  Then another similar event will occur on Wednesday.  And then hopefully we can get above freezing by the end of next week.

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