Cold snap affects businesses preparing for Memorial Day

BROOKFIELD-- Kayaks, oars, and life vests-- signs of spring at Laacke and Joys Outdoor Sporting Goods in Brookfield.

\"People are excited to get out,\" said Matthew Lehmann, the store manager at Laacke and Joys, \"they're excited to get on the water.\"

Business has been going well for spring items, but with the cold snap-- there's still some traces of winter around the store.  Cold weather gear is still a hot commodity.

\"Some of the fleece jackets have been selling now too,\" said Lehmann.

While skis and snowboards are still out at Laacke and Joys-- the hot tubs at Wolf Pools and Spas, are staying in the showroom.

\"With the rain and the cold weather, it's held us back a little bit,\" said TJ Gapinski, store manager at Wolf Pools and Spas.

Gapinski says they can't install pools and spas until the weather outside hits 60-degrees.

\"We're hoping that Memorial Day being the kick off to pool season gives us a nice shot in the arm for business,\" said Gapinski.

While pool season is seeing some delays-- some folks are still getting out to enjoy the lake.

\"I've got three trucks loaded with kayaks ready to go, so we put a lot of work into it and we're excited for it,\" said Lehmann.


Lehmann says Laacke and Joys annual Paddlefest on Saturday will go on, regardless of the weather.


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