Cold now but more warmth on the way

NOW: Cold now but more warmth on the way

No doubt it was a cold start to our day. Milwaukee felt its coldest start this season!

As you see from this graphic, this morning was just one of two mornings that felt lows drop to the single-digits in Milwaukee this season. Our last colder start goes back to early March. And even though it was a cold day, our high will go down in the 20s since our temps will not as frigid around and just after the midnight hour. 
That said, this is a one day cool down, with a return to above normal temps for the forseeable future. 
The Climate Prediction Center has us pegged with an 80% probability for above normal temps through most of what's left of the month. While it's all relative, think more 40s ahead. It's a trend that we've had in place for much of this December. 
Even though 40s seem warm for December, a handful is fairly common. Here's a look at the top consecutive stretches of 40s in December.
And moving forward, our ten-day forecast has plenty more to enjoy!

I'm meteorologist Rebecca Schuld

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