Cold Hard Facts: Winter's Here to Stay

Never mind we were near 60 degrees a week ago or forget the fact winter doesn't officially start for 33 days.  It's cold and staying this way for most of the week. 

The question is are you, your car, and home ready for it? 

A lot of car places are busy servicing vehicles due to the wintry conditions.  Bret Halverson with Monro on Milwaukee's south side says you can avoid a lot of hassle by getting your car winterized before the extreme chill takes over the region.  He says you have to have a good battery, properly inflated tires, and topped off fluids, including the antifreeze. 

Plumbers, like Jim Andersen with Andersen Plumbing, are also busy at this time responding to cracked pipes.  The subfreezing weather causes the water to expand and perhaps cause a burst.  Trickling cold water from the faucet can help in addition to exposing your pipes to the warmer air in your home by keeping the cabinet doors open.  Also, make sure to tend to outdoor faucets by draining the water and closing the valves. 

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