Coast Guard alerting boaters to unusually high water levels

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- The Coast Guard is warning boaters about unusually high water levels and advising people to be careful. 

The Coast Guard says that high water levels can lead to dangerous situations involving newly submerged objects, bridges, and increased wake generation.

Boaters are also reminded to monitor their speed and wake when transiting. Excessive vessel wake, compounded by high water levels, may cause accelerated shoreline erosion and damage to docks and boatlifts.

Boaters should consult both the Local Notice to Mariners and the Army Corps of Engineers website for current and forecasted lake levels and are reminded to be aware of their surroundings when operating in unfamiliar waters.

Mariners can report any obstructions to navigation in a federal channel to the local Coast Guard unit or to the Sector Waterways office at 414-747-7188 or [email protected].

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