Coach Bart Lundy begins new era of Milwaukee Panthers basketball

NOW: Coach Bart Lundy begins new era of Milwaukee Panthers basketball

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Bart Lundy had no time to waste once he was hired as the Milwaukee Panthers new men's basketball coach.

"Sold a house, bought a house, moved a family, hired a staff and basically recruited a whole new team," said Lundy, Panthers head coach.

Coach Lundy isn't kidding. Only four players are back from last year's roster, 83 percent of the offense is gone. So he had to sell the next batch of Panthers on playing in Milwaukee.

"He's very point blank and to the point and he's very genuine. I knew immediately speaking to him that his goals and mine aligned and I knew this was every day the place to be."

"I think what you're going to find with this team is we are extremely deep. It's going to be about sacrifice, it's going to be about playing for each other," said Lundy.

One familiar face is Vin Baker Jr. After three years marked by potential, but shortened by injuries, COVID and transfer restrictions, Vin is taking on a leadership role.

"Being an older guy, being in the system, being here, where my journey has brought me to. I feel like this is the biggest statement year I could have not only for me but this whole program," said Baker Jr.

"What I've seen from Vin is a guy that wants a leadership role. He's a guy that really has committed. Big things are in store for Vin," said Lundy.

Baker and the team have held a couple movie nights off the court to build chemistry too. That's one of Coach Lundy's three goals for the summer. Build chemistry, learn the program's culture and game style while getting one percent better every day.

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