'Click It or Ticket' seat belt campaign begins in Wisconsin this week

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) --- Law enforcement agencies across the badger state will be watching for unbuckled motorists as the annual "Click It or Ticket" campaign begins Monday, May 24.

The campaign runs through June 6 as Wisconsin State Patrol (WDP) officers join statewide law enforcement agencies and nationwide for the mobilization effort. They will patrol in greater numbers for longer hours to reinforce the importance of buckling up.

“We’re glad to see people traveling again, and we want them to do it safely,” Wisconsin Department of Transportation Secretary-designee Craig Thompson said. “The single, most important way motorists can protect themselves and their passengers, is by making sure everyone’s buckled up, for each and every trip.”

Officials say Wisconsin's primary seat belt law allows officers to stop and cite motorists for failing to wear a seat belt. Drivers can also be cited for every unbuckled passenger in their car. According to officials, failure to fasten a seat belt is among the most common traffic violations in Wisconsin, resulting in more than 27,000 traffic convictions last year.

“We aren’t handing out tickets for the thrill of it. Wearing a seat belt is not only the law, it can save your life,” Superintendent Anthony Burrell said.

Officials say, currently, 89% of Wisconsin motorists wear safety belts. The 11% who fail to buckle up accounted for 43% of all the drivers and passengers killed in Wisconsin traffic crashes in 2020.

“We’ve made great strides, but our goal is 100%,” Thompson said. “Help us spread this lifesaving message before one more friend or family-member is killed as a result of this senseless inaction.”

For more information on the Click It or Ticket mobilization, click here

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