"Clerical error" sends man to prison for crime committed in 1999

MISSOURI -- A \"clerical error\" sent a Missouri man to prison for an armed robbery he committed in 1999. The State of Missouri noticed the man was walking free when they started procedures to release him from jail.

37-year-old Mike Anderson is now a father of four, a business owner, and coaches football. According to Daily Mail, Anderson was forgotten about after his last appeal failed. He was supposed to be re-arrested and never was.

\"Somebody messed up. Somebody messed up big time,\" Prosecuting Attorney Tim Lohmar told CBS News, \"As unfair as it may seem to he and his family, he's got 13 years he owes the state. I don't think there's much more to say than that.\"

The victim of Anderson's armed robbery contacted RiverfontTimes.com saying \"They should let him go\". The victim identified as Dennis told the Riverfront Times while he has no interested in meeting Anderson he is open to the idea of filing a letter on Anderson's behalf.

Over 13,000 people have signed a petition on Change.org asking that Mike Anderson be released from prison.

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