Clean Up in Mayville Continues

The cleanup continues in Dodge County following flooding that closed two schools.

One of them was back open today, but the other needs more work before students can return.

School is back in session tomorrow.

You can see that outside, it's hard to tell this time yesterday I would have been standing in water.

We also got our first look inside the school today, and there's virtually no trace of the waters.  

So there were kids in here squeegeeing last night to keep it from coming into the classrooms.

While water did get into the school before sandbags were placed around the perimeter  it was unmeasurable.

Yesterday, teachers and students were able squeegee it all outside.

Students did not have class today, but teachers were here at St. Johns cleaning up.

While the sandbags and cement blocks kept all the water from rushing into basement classrooms, the teachers had classroom materials to put back.

In anticipation of rising waters, books and papers were moved from multiple classrooms.

But teachers' we spoke with say students are ready to come back to school.

 I think the students or a lot of the students came and volunteered to help yesterday.

A lot of students volunteered to come again today to clean up. 

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