Clean Slate Milwaukee works to get ex-cons back into the workforce

Clean Slate Wisconsin is working to help ex-convicts in our area overcome the stigma of incarceration and get back into the workforce.  

A recent UW Milwaukee study shows that about 12% of black men in Milwaukee have served time in Wisconsin's correctional facilities.  This is troubling because it can be very hard for ex-convicts to return to the workforce.  Many job applications ask if candidates have been convicted of crimes, which can lead to discrimination, even for otherwise qualified candidates.

Clean Slate is working to help previously incarcerated individuals seek rehabilitation and make their way back into the workforce through programs that educate employers.  They also help ex-convicts begin the expungent process to clear their records.

The group is hosting an event Saturday, November 1, 2014 to help employers and applicants learn more about what criminal backgrounds mean.  It is from 1:30-4:00pm at the COA Youth and Family Center (2320 W Burleigh, Milwaukee).  

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