City of Wauwatosa plans to trap, kill 'nuisance' coyotes

NOW: City of Wauwatosa plans to trap, kill ’nuisance’ coyotes

WAUWATOSA, Wis. (CBS 58) -- The city of Wauwatosa says it plans to trap and kill nuisance coyotes.

This, after a coyote attack weeks ago killed a small dog.

A news release from the city says it's contracted with a local company to set traps and scout for "nuisance" coyotes in the Fisher Woods neighborhood, where the pet was killed. 

Shauna Kleinhas lives in the Fisher Woods neighborhood. She says the coyotes she witnessed were aggressive and not afraid of humans. She and other neighbors have been on high alert for months.

"I have a coyote stick outside my front door just in case they're out there while I try to let my dog do her business," said Kleinhas. "I haven't walked in the neighborhood in probably two months because of this."

The company trapping the coyotes will be reaching out to homeowners for permission to lay traps on their properties, with plans to begin on Jan. 10.

The city says the traps are non-lethal, however Recon Trapping will lethally shoot a coyote once it's trapped.

Kleinhas says she's happy the city has decided to take action. While she doesn't want the coyotes to be killed, she says she doesn't see another way. 

"I think if they relocated them, chances of them coming back in the area are high," said Kleinhas. These are a different breed." 

Residents are asked to keep pets leashed and away from traps. Locations will be marked with pink flagging, and blocking posts or fencing will be used to discourage non-target animals from entering the area.

If you see an animal in a trap, please do not go near the trap or the trapped animal.

Call the Wauwatosa police non-emergency number at 414-471-8430.

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